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Development in Siem Reap

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On first arriving in 1993 the immediate impression was insufficient services available to the tourist. Certainly there is still the tuk tuk drivers eager to drive you on a tour of the temples of Angkor for the day. Hotels were popping up but other services were limited. There were no ATMs and not much else to complete if one desired to take a break from visiting the temples. Fast forward 20 years and the situation has completely changed by way of a great deal of investment, knowledge and innovation. It has been possible through development aid. The tenacity of the area individuals who despite all of the atrocities they have undergone are keen showing off their wonderful country and take the opportunities they have. It has also been possible as many Khmers who escaped throughout the Khmer Rouge era are returning with the data they have gained abroad bringing positive change to the neighborhood community.

With many local businesses preparing for the brand new tourist season starting in October don't just think of a tour to Siem Reap as just a quick temple visit. That a moment to have a look at what else is on offer and how it adds to the local economy.
Horse-riding in Siem Reap is one such tour, for those with only a little adventure at heart why not have a horse riding tour for 1-3 hours through rural countryside passing streams, rice fields and local villages. The tours are suited to beginners and children and certainly are a fun solution to separation visiting the temples or simply for experiencing something different on a tour to Cambodia.
For individuals with a mind for heights and planning to catch some aerial views and photographs of the majestic Angkor Wat here is another balloon ride over Angkor. The German made helium balloon doesn't actually move as it is attached to a string but ascends around 200 metres for a 10 minute trip which allows you to acquire some great photographs and an aerial view of the eighth wonder of the entire world!
If you discover yourself in Siem Reap on a Sunday evening a good experience is a traditional Khmer dance show with live traditional music put on by the Cambodian Children's House of Peace, an orphanage in Siem Reap. The show is held every Sunday during the school term without fail at 7pm. It's free but do create a donation to their worthy cause if visiting. If you're visiting during rainy season there's a rain cover so don't let that put you off. It is well worth the visit.

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You can find obviously a great many other attractions and activities to choose from on your short visit to perfect Siem Reap tours operator and Cambodia. Keep your brain open and don't forget how far Cambodia has come within the last few 20 years!

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