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The Low Down On Casinos Exposed

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 For one, it is not uncommon to see people spending a lot of money on games they are not sure they can win when they try their best to save some money when shopping or doing their groceries. What a queer sight indeed! Maybe the casino is a different world. Maybe the lavishness of the place affects the behavior of the people. Or maybe the owners of the casinos play tricks to manipulate their customers so that they behave this way. And the truth is they do. Here are some of the tricks they use on you. Be informed so that the next time you go to casinos; you do not fall into the trap again!


1.      They offer you false hope. Casinos bank on the fact that people will always want a better life. Unlike your job which needs you to toil and exert a lot of effort, casinos offer money with you just sitting there, pushing some buttons or hitting some cards – very easy things to do. They lure you into betting your money for the hopes that you will gain more at the end of the day. Sometimes you do, more times you don’t. This is because the jackpot prize and the changed life are just baits so casinos can win more.

2.      They want you to get addicted. Gambling is one of the worst addictions. Some people gamble even though they have no money to play with. They sell their cars, their houses, their jewelry just so they can play for another round. And how do you get to this state? By casinos making you believe that in the next round, you will get your money back, you will win more. This is done through the sound effects of the games that make you feel thrilled each time the slots spin. Through the lights that shine around that jackpot prize. But all these are lies. All these just want to make you stay longer in the casino, to make you come back so they can get more money out of you.

3.      They know if you bet huge amount of money. When you go to casinos and play their games, it is almost sure that you are being watched. Security cameras are installed everywhere. Some undercover agents also roam around the area so they know your each and every move. If you a large player, they will know this and will want to keep you inside the casino. Have you ever noticed waiters taking your order but not your seatmate? This special attention you are getting is not because you are special. It is just the casino needs you to stay longer so that it can make more money out of you. That drink in the house, if you think about it is not free at all. The total of your losses may even be more than the worth of the actual bottle. Aside from that, drinking these free drinks will make you even bolder because you lose some sense due to the alcohol in your system.

4.      They use the strippers as distractions. Truly, the sexy girls are employed by casinos to entertain you. However, this does not stop at that. As a man, it is in your instinct to wear your best suit when these girls are around and thus you play the shark. Your bets become higher. Aside from the psychological effect girls and sexy bodies have, they have an effect in terms of your betting. With them around, the casinos are sure that you are distracted and less likely to pick fights. With this in mind, it is easier for the casino to steal some money right to your face. 

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 Do you remember a time when you think you had more chips but suddenly had less? You may be right about that. Some dealers are taught by casinos to steal chips from unaware patrons regarding Newest Free Casino Gambling. Aside from that they may even give you less than what you have won by changing the rules as you shower your girl with attention. 

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