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The best shades overall

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Par: ernicklieu
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 And why don't you? They look great, flatter almost every experience, are extremely useful thanks to their large lenses, and — like all good stuff — they'll never go out of style.

Whenever you believe "aviators," you probably imagine the more popular circular or tear-drop lenses. Our prime pick, the American Optical Original Pilot aviators, function more squarish contacts that are less frequent and significantly great-looking. These colors have a definite type that sticks out in the sea of tear-drop aviators many people wear. They're also likely more adaptable than typical aviators, while the squarish contacts are better suited to people that have rounder faces.
Besides boasting good American design, the Unique Pilot aviators have an impressive old pedigree. These shades were after common issue for Air Force pilots and NASA astronauts and were the initial pair of shades to go to the moon. Pictures of astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Excitement Aldrin rocking their AO Unique Pilots are over the internet if you're curious.
At between $50-$90, the AO Original Pilots will also be an irresistible value for a pair of American-made sunglasses. They're equivalent in quality to Randolph Design aviators that cost twice as much. Personally, i own both and my Original Pilots are the ones I almost always reach for as my go-to pair. I will suggest sticking with glass contacts for these, too, because the plastic contacts sense also gentle and are more prone to get scratched.
One ultimate note about size: The contacts on they're spaced a bit more aside than these on tear-drop aviators, therefore take care to not buy a measurement also large— specially with the initial "bayonet" temples that make it critical that the body is around the same thickness as your head. 

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 Individuals with small and narrow looks should consider regarding sunglasses for women choosing the 52mm lenses.

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