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Running AC 24/7: The Cost in Brisbane

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Par: AndrewBrito
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 However, it is a balancing act since running the AC continuously can increase your electric bill. Ideally, you should only keep the air conditioner on until the temperature of your room has been lowered to a comfortable level. This would keep your power bill down. It becomes hard to do this in hotter cities like Brisbane where the temperatures can soar in the summer. So, how much would it cost for you to keep your AC running all day long in Brisbane and what factors does the cost depend on?

Type of AC Used

The cost of running an AC continuously differs from type to type. Some types of air conditioners cost a lot if you continue to run them throughout the day while others don’t cost that much. For instance, if you have a ducted AC installed in your home or building then operating it without a break would cost you around $2.45 per hour. Running a simple split air-conditioner, on the other hand, won’t cause your electric bill to go up that much and charge you at $0.35 per hour. A portable AC would cost in the region of $0.45 per hour. 

Energy Efficiency of the AC

Aside from the type of the AC, its energy efficiency also plays a role in determining its running cost. For instance, if your AC is very energy efficient and has a high SEER rating then it would conserve power when cooling your room. 

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 Thus, even if you keep them on throughout the day, they won’t consume much power and thus won’t cost you that much money regarding carrier air conditioning. An AC with a lower SEER rating consumes a lot of power and end up increasing your electric bill considerably if you keep it running 24/7.

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