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Plants vs. Zombies advanced levels

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Par: kermaxjack
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In this awesome game, you live in a nice house across the street from the cemetery. This is a real disaster zombies like most zombies like most zombies, they hunt on human flesh. If they succeed in getting to your area, the game will be over, you will lose and the zombies will win. Plants VS Zombies is a rather unique game compared to other zombie style games as you do not use various weapons to fight against the zombies but your weapon are plants themselves. The plants are all unique and hilarious; the sunflower, for example, plants in the ground and shoots out a devastating death ray sunbeam, all the meanwhile smiling with its gigantic, happy face. 
There are three modes available in the game VS Plants Zombies, two of which are standard shooter modes. You will have a team work in this game for the team Vanquish mode the first to 50 kills wins. While playing the game you will be pleasantly surprised as you will be rescued.
Another mode called Gardens and Graveyards is more of a mixture of an attack and defend mode. There is a huge amount of gardens for the zombies to enter while they still have time. The most challenging part of the world is destroying the roots of a giant sunflower gold lighthouse, alternatively, having more than five zombies in a highly defensible house. This is much more difficult than the previous stages, and you will be able to see if it is a final and not simply an ending. 
A big amount of maps are available in every mode you play. The maps have a significant role in creating different scenarios in the same game mode. The levels are not similar to one another, one level is full of hills and one skyscrapers, while others are more urban. You will have the desire to explore the levels available in the Pyramids, in other countries, and in the United States. attacking and killing the zombies with your powerful armor -various dangerous plants. 
The ultimate fashion is distinctive, similar to Plants vs. Zombies tower defense gameplay. 

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This is more of a survival mode, where you and others play super powerful zombie enemies. This is the only mode you can play in split-screen. In order to succeed, you should build and protect a garden from powerful zombies and Play Free Online Games Free. The garden can be located in different areas, and this gives you the feeling of traveling across the map and not being stuck on one side only.

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