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Importance of sex toys

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Physical attraction is most common cause of being in a relationship. It is true that it is not a sufficient criterion to choose a partner. But still most of us start a relationship because we are physically attracted towards the other person involved in relationship. To be physically attracted towards your partner is quite important to sustain relationship.

By above discussion it might have become quite clear that what the importance of sex in maintaining relationship is. Though this is not only the factor, which is responsible for sustaining relationship. But it is still a very important one.

Humans are the only animal species, who do sex for their pleasure. For rest of the species, it is only a mode of reproduction.  Men can easily get into the mood to have sex, while for women it takes some time o mentally and physically prepared. Therefore, man has to cuddle and pamper a woman before sex and make her comfortable. This process is called Foreplay. Also, women take more time to reach orgasm. 
Most of males find it hard to pamper their woman effectively. It requires massaging the various body parts of female to stimulate the urge for sex. The man can take help of various sex toys to make the foreplay much effective. 
The commonly used sex toy is vibrator. They vibrate on different intensities and are available in various shapes. Men can use these vibrators on various body parts of women to give a deep massaging effect. The intensity of vibrations can be changed depending the body part to be massaged. These vibrators stimulate the nerve endings at skin surface and help in secretion of endorphins. These hormones are responsible for making your mind relaxed and stress free. Due o this females enjoy sex to a greater extent.
The man now goes for actual intercourse after foreplay. In many cases, men are not able to retain their orgasm till women reach their orgasm. Men attain orgasm much earlier than women. This makes women unsatisfied and they do not reach orgasm. To resolve this problem, men can take help of another sex toy for women, called Dildo. It has a shape of penis and it also vibrates. Men can use it to excite their women in initial phase of intercourse. And, as soon as they realize that she is about to attain orgasm they can go for the real thing. This use of dildo in initial phase to stimulate and excite a woman is really helpful. It helps both partners to attain orgasm at the same time. There could be nothing more perfect than this. Men can also use it to satisfy their women’s’ desire of anal sex. Some males are reluctant to insert their penis in female anus. So, in such case, they may use dildo to satisfy this urge of their partners. 
So, as we saw how a vibrator and dildo are helpful in various phases of sexual intercourse to make it a perfect thing. There are many other sex toys available that can be used to enhance the intimacy and pleasure during sex.

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