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Greek Living Leaders: Running the Supreme Organization

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Par: MikePaine
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 However, I would like to challenge that position by focusing on professional development and self-improvement. Currently, I serve my one-hundred member sorority as chapter president and work with other officers to keep a well-balanced, structured, and involved organization.

Fraternities and sororities must operate as a small business first, and a socialite second to be able to be successful. I would really like to point out some key concepts that show the relationship between Greek organizations and businesses.
Greek organizations: 
• Divide officers into teams to focus on specific areas of the chapter 
• Must operate on a strict budget, fueled by members 
• Must market themselves well to be able to continue steadily to recruit new members 
• Have mission statements and values ​​to carry their members 
• Must follow rules from, and are accountable to, their national headquarters 
• Have insurance to cover their organization and its members, along with many policies and procedures in place for holding events
They are just a couple points that show you how to behave.
As president, I see all sides of the field of management and management. My days are filled up with constantly making decisions and weighing the consequences. I have learned to create fair decisions, which benefits the most good, while remaining unbiased in the process. I also answer to everyone's questions and concerns while solving an unplanned event takes place. Like, we had a small crisis with flyers that were made to advertise an event we were having. When they came in, we noticed the email contact on the flyers was spelled wrong. After some deliberation, we are using the flyers we had and made a brand new email with the typo included.
A huge share of owning a successful organization is effective and professional communication. Our main forum of communication between officers and the advisory board is emailing. I have come back to a professional practice. My communication skills have been developed to be a leader in my chapter. I have learned to communicate and format information in the best way. Providing satisfactory information in the form of newsletters. All of our officers must have team meetings and get reports of progress in the various areas on the team. Officers are accountable for organizing their own meetings and taking minutes to record the thing that was discussed.
One of the very most valuable traits I'm still learning through my presidency, is getting confident with hard conversations. I work with this Director of Standards and Ethics to make sure they are holding themselves to the high ideals and values. When someone is falling behind, we're going to be in a conversation and we're going to be sure it's not happening again. These tough conversations become even tougher when remembering our friends and sisters. As a leader of a Greek organization, I am learning how to have these hard conversations while remaining in control of myself and the conversation.

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 Greek life has a lot to do with the social part of the organization regarding live tv , and can truly prepare for the professional world. Through developing members personally, and developing officers professionally, Greek organizations can offer life-changing collegiate experiences that can not be found elsewhere.

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