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Carnival Games Ideas

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 Samples of carnival games booths range from the Duck Pond game, Hoopla, Toss the Ball, Knock the Can and obviously, the Coconut Shy. If you're hosting a Carnival Party, you are able to hire games booths, or on top of that make your own. To produce a simple carnival game booth, you need a small table, a towel big enough to drape over the table (brightly colored if possible), a large bit of card and some paints or thick marker pens.

You only drape the cloth within the table, letting it hang down leading of the table to the ground. Making use of your paints, or marker pens, write out a great sign, stating the name of the game- you may be really creative here! Finally attach the sign to the cloth and there you have it- your own homemade carnival game booth. If you genuinely wish to look authentic, buy some cheap, narrow, plastic piping (available from hardware stores), cut into lengths to produce a rectangular frame for the booth (you'll need one long one, just a touch longer than your table length, and two shorter ones (decide how high you wish the frame to be).
Use strong tape to bind the bits of tubing together to create a three sided rectangle, then affix to the table, again securing with strong tape. You are able to hang a lightweight sign using this, but be a little careful- the frame won't tolerate a lot of weight. You can buy ready made games to make use of in your booths if you wish. However, you possibly can make your own. Keep food cans, and rinse these out and dry off. Cover these cans with vibrant colored paper and use to compare for the Knock the Can game. Add several bean bags- and your game is preparing to play. To play, the guest throws the bean bags, one at a time, at the cans. When they knock most of the cans over, they win. For the Coconut Shy, you should buy a few fresh coconuts. To make the stands for the coconuts, use empty soda bottles which were rinsed out and dried. Slice the tops off the bottles and cover them with vibrant colored paper. Place the bottles on the the top of table booth, spaced well apart, and put the coconuts on the top of bottles. Have three small balls, or bean bags, per turn, and you're prepared to play.
To play, the party guest tosses the bean bags, or balls, one at time, at the coconuts. Should they knock one off, they win. Toss the Ball is a straightforward game to make. Cover a waste paper basket with brightly colored paper, place it at the rear of the booth, or on the ground. Place a marker a reasonable distance away from the basket. 

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 This is where in fact the party guests will stand to take their turns. Use any ball you like- for instance a basketball or even a baseball- it must squeeze into the goal waste paper basket. To have a turn, the guest stands on the marker and throws the ball regarding carnival games for sale. If it goes into the basket and stays there, they win. You have two main alternatives for prizes. Either give your guests tickets if they win a game title, that they exchange for a prize at the end. Or, provide a small prize at the booth to each winner. Have fun!

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