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Embracing Sustainability: Our Theatre’s Journey Towards a Greener Stage

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 Experience the excitement of contributing to a more sustainable future at the ICP English Theatre Club for Adults. The need to embrace sustainable living practices is now more apparent than ever, and as artists, we have a unique chance to inspire and create a positive impact in our community by incorporating environmentally friendly practices into our work.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We are deeply committed to minimizing material waste as the foundation of our mission. In the world of theatre, it is customary for set designs, costumes, and props to be temporary, often used only for one production before being discarded. By focusing on thorough planning and utilizing only essential elements, we are reshaping this narrative.

Our preference is heavily weighted towards materials that have been recycled or sourced sustainably, leading to a significant reduction in our impact on the environment.

The goal of this initiative extends beyond simply making better material choices. We are focused on reimagining our productions to combine environmental responsibility with creative inspiration.

Rethinking Set Design and Production

A meaningful change has occurred in our set design and production process to ensure sustainability is incorporated at every stage. Through the use of adaptable set pieces that can be reused in different productions, we not only save resources but also encourage innovative storytelling techniques.

In our most recent play, ‘Kaleidoscope: A Tapestry of Lives,’ we embraced minimalism by using a simple yet effective set, proving that impactful storytelling does not need elaborate staging. Our costumes were in line with this approach, created using recycled fabrics and repurposed elements from past productions. This highlighted our dedication to sustainability while maintaining the captivating aesthetics and storytelling of our performances.

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 Nancy Castrogiovanni is an author, theatre scriptwriter, theatre director, and art teacher. With years of experience in teaching art and performing arts in Britain and the Czech Republic.



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