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1: Theatre Workshop in Prague: Nurturing Creativity in Families
In a world where digital screens often overshadow face-to-face interactions, it has become increasingly important to incorporate art into our family lives. Art isn’t just a leisure activity; it holds a role in our homes and personal growth, allowing us to express ourselves, communicate effectively, and develop as individuals. Recognizing this importance, Starlight Theatre and Arts in Prague have introduced a workshop specifically designed to enhance creativity and strengthen the bond between parents and children through the captivating medium of theatre.

2: Embracing the Stage: The Transformative Power of Performing Arts in Cultural Adaptation
As the coordinator of the ICP English Theatre Club, supported by the non-profit 'Integration Centre Prague,' and as a foreigner residing in Prague, I often encounter questions about my profound passion for the Performing Arts. This article aims to shed light on why theatre holds such significance for me. We'll explore how theatre transcends mere entertainment, fostering a sense of community that not only brings joy but also forges connections. Particularly, it becomes a haven for those of us who are beginning new lives in a foreign land, away from our families.

3: The Art of Costume Recycling: A Step Towards Sustainable Fashion in Theatre
Our English Theatre Club, in the vibrant and multicultural city of Prague, has embarked on an exciting and motivating adventure. This theatrical production goes beyond traditional norms, embodying a philosophy that blends sustainability and creativity—a remarkable narrative that effortlessly merges artistic innovation with a dedication to the environment.

4: On Stage and Beyond: Kamila’s Journey with ICP English Theatre Club
Have you ever wondered how joining a theatre club can transform your life? After interviewing Michelle last April, who joined the theatre club in January, I thought it would be interesting to learn about a member who has been with us since the project started.

5: Crafting Compelling Theatre Musicals: Insights from a Lyric Writing Workshop
Have you ever been so captivated by the lyrics of a theatre performance that you felt every emotion they conveyed? Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of leading a workshop with the ICP English Theatre Club. This session was a deep exploration of lyric writing for our upcoming musical in December. It was an enlightening experience that underscored the storytelling power of lyrics and provided us with valuable techniques for crafting songs that resonate deeply with the audience.

6: The Art of Downsizing: My Journey into Small-Scale Sculpture
As sculptors accustomed to working on large pieces move to smaller homes, their approach to making art and the outcomes naturally change. This article explores the unique challenges and innovative solutions needed when a sculptor familiar with large projects starts working on smaller ones. Drawing from my experience of moving from a spacious studio in the UK to a tiny apartment in Prague, I’ll share how this significant change not only reshaped my approach to art but also led me to start my own small-scale sculpture studio.

7: What Does a Playwright Do?
Do you recall the unforgettable experience of watching a theatre performance with your family, wishing it would never end? Today, I invite you to explore the roles and responsibilities of the creative minds behind these captivating theatrical productions—the playwrights. This article will provide insights into how these artists craft the storytelling essence of theater, the complexities involved in playwriting, and the profound impact their work has on culture and entertainment.

8: Methods of Teaching Theatre
With this article, I would like to dive deeper into the different traditional and modern methods of teaching theatre. Theatre in education is more than just putting on a show; it's a keyway to help students grow in so many areas. It boosts their creativity, confidence, and ability to understand others, not to mention improving how they communicate. There are many ways to teach theatre, each bringing out students' talents and creativity in its own special way.

9: Nine Tips to Grow as a Performer - By Nancy Castrogiovanni
I want to address a question that I have been asked many times during my career as a theatre director: How can one improve as a performer? Embarking on this journey is a thrilling adventure that anyone can undertake, regardless of age. It's all about embracing your passion and dedicating yourself to perfecting your craft. In this article, we will explore nine techniques to help you enhance your performance abilities.

10: Embracing Sustainability: Our Theatre’s Journey Towards a Greener Stage
Experience the excitement of contributing to a more sustainable future at the ICP English Theatre Club for Adults. The need to embrace sustainable living practices is now more apparent than ever, and as artists, we have a unique chance to inspire and create a positive impact in our community by incorporating environmentally friendly practices into our work.

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